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Classic Blue Jeans-White Shirt combo

A truly timeless, classic fashion statement that has marked centuries with it's simplicity and distinctiveness- The blue jeans and plain white shirt combo.  Here I styled it with white  medim heeled pumps and a clutch. If blue jeans are good than... Continue Reading →

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A Very Furry Winter 

The luxurious and opulent feel of fur makes it quite the sought after fabric for a super stylish winter look. Talk about winters and suede boots can not be missed out. Leather can not be much behind them in the... Continue Reading →

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Black Co-ords

Co-ords are a reliable fixture in any Spring/Summer wardrobe. Whether you opt for matching tailoring in the office or looking for a cool alternative to the LBD, this season co-ords are cooler than ever. From sleek suits to luxe-looking blouse... Continue Reading →

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Florals for Fall

Fall calls in for darker shades but no, not really! I can wear pastels anytime of the year. Add florals to the pastels and ohh the effect it creates is simply serene😇 This floral maxi dress I stumbled upon had... Continue Reading →

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Strawberry fixation!

Here's another version of a dessert in a jar.Recepie remains same as in the previous dessert in a jar post except that there were no oats used here, just yoghurt ,fruits and nuts.  Watch me strive to capture my foood... Continue Reading →

Rugged Style

Throughout almost every age of man, the rugged aechtype has been a necessary and crucial form of masculinity.A rugged style is defined completely by versatility. A rugged mans clothing never sacrifices function to form, even if function is a bit... Continue Reading →

Blue Skater Dress in Bubbles Style

Hello lovelies! Bringing to the table a cartoon inspired outfit this time. Here's an ode to Bubbles from the power puff girls that ruled cartoon network along with tons of other awesome cartoons during the good (not-so)old 90s.  This Floral... Continue Reading →

The Cape Gown

Capes on outfits are very interesting to wear. They have made their appearance in various cuts and sizes to suit the different tatstes of the fashion population worldwide. Here is a simpler yet very charming version of the cape, infused... Continue Reading →

Black and Bohemian 

Not heading to Coahella(it isn't even time. And small town blogger, people! only visits to the local park are feasible) but hey! Summer is here and Boho fashion seems so very apt for the blindingly shiny sunny days. You can... Continue Reading →

The typical Oats in a Jar 

Pretty simple to make and satiates all those dessert cravings while being slightly less calorific.  Iingredients: 95gms serving Rolled oats: 1/4th cup Yoghurt: 1/2 cup Fruit Jam: 1 1/2 spoon Fruits Procedure: Mix half of the yogurt with half a... Continue Reading →

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